The Last Leaf

Princess Snugglemuffin looked out the window. 

Only one red maple leaf remained. 

When it fell, WinterFest could begin! 

She loved its coziness: 

twinkling lights, presents, 

knitting, and doing puzzles by the fireplace.. 

But that leaf 



She took a closer look. 

The leaf was PINNED on! 

She noticed footprints by the tree. 

Snugglemuffin confronted Princess Snickerdoodle. 

“I did it!” Snickerdoodle admitted. “I’m not ready! I haven’t finished decorating my gingerbread cookies. I burned ten batches and kept starting over.”

“Oh sister, why didn’t you say so?”

Together, they iced the cookies and let the leaf go. WinterFest could begin!


Thanks to Gennie Gorback and Amy Leskowski for this fun 100 word writing challenge! And happy birthday to both of you!

Beautiful leaves seen on a neighborhood walk in Chicago

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